If you need to put your skip on a public road, you will need a skip permit from your local council. Without one, you could be charged a £1000 fine. Hiring a skip with Atlantic Skips is made even easier as we will handle your permit.

Permit FAQ’s

Can I put the skip on the pavement?

No, skips can only go on private land or public road.

How can I get a skip hire permit?

Usually, we will take care of obtaining one for you! Most local councils will only deal with skip hire companies. It is rare for local councils to require you to apply directly with them, if this is the case, all you need to do is fill out a form.

How long does it take to get a skip permit?

Skip permits usually take one to two days to be received, so remember to take this into account. Exact time frames will depend on your local council.

How much does a skip permit cost?

Again, this will depend on your local council, but usually starts at £40 for 7 days. This will include lights; cones and a net where applicable.

How long is a skip permit valid for?

Skip permits are valid anywhere between one week and one month, but if you need more time we can renew them with your local council for additional fees.

How do I position my skip?

There are some restrictions as to how you position your skip. You can’t block any pavements or any entrances or exits to driveways and properties. You can’t block or cover any utility access points - e.g manhole covers. You can’t place a skip within 15 metres of a junction. If your skip is placed on yellow lines or within a pay and display bay, you will need a parking suspension/parking permit as well. You can get this from your local council and there will be a fee for this. Contact us for exact prices.