Early in 2006 saw the establishment of Atlantic Group and its connected businesses. Atlantic was formed to handle and expand the existing waste recycling operations for the Group and in particular, the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) side of the business.

Extracting recycled and processing residual waste into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or Solid Derived Fuel (SRF) for export to EFW plants throughout Europe and building products manufacturers. It imports mainly trade and commercial waste and also provides processing support for local authorities with their civic amenity sites. It also took over skip hire businesses from existing Group companies in 2010.

The Group and its affiliates’ mission is to grow rapidly and profitably through innovation in managing environments, which will contribute towards minimising landfill, helping to reduce carbon emissions and making the difference to our environment for all of our futures.

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Atlantic’s unique flexible approach to waste management allows us to mould our services around your business or personal needs and our varied client portfolio proves it. The requirement for comprehensive and accurate waste reporting has become an essential part of a complete, professional waste management package. To this end, Atlantic has worked closely with their customers to develop a report that not only satisfies these requirements, but a report that can easily be incorporated into SMARTWaste and other environmental monitoring platforms.